Reeflow Controller

The heart of our IoT oven is the Reeflow Controller

Small Form Factor

Reeflow is one of the world's smallest reflow oven controllers. Ultra portable, ultra convenient.

Realtime Control

Control and configure your oven from anywhere in the world.

Quick Installation

Get installed in minutes with a pre-configured oven. Typical ovens install in a couple hours or less.

Multi-User Friendly

Multiple users can share access and custom heating profiles.

Get Reeflow for your electronics lab!

Enjoy Reeflow at its best!

Get unlimited heating profiles with a professional account

Typically, commercial reflow ovens can only achieve a limited number of reflow heating profiles. These profiles are commonly saved and used like recipies for the oven. Various solder types and PCBs require a specific profile. All standard Reeflow accounts allow adding multiple heating profiles.

However, professional Reeflow accounts provide the ability to add unlimited profiles and share them across all your Reeflow ovens! That means you'll never need to worry about temperature curves, opening the oven door, or jotting down numbers!

You can get a professional Reeflow account in the following ways:

  • Sign up for Reeflow professional at $7.99 /mo.
  • Buy 3 or more Reeflow products
  • Register as a non-profit or educational institution

Want unlimited Reeflow profiles?